Hi, I'm Nicole. I specialize in helping motivated international students land their dream job in the US by improving communication and interviewing skills.

My 10-week program is designed to expand your business vocabulary, improve your speaking clarity, and nail your interview.

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What my clients say

Working with Nicole Parker and Parker Accentuation Training is a great way to learn to speak English without accent. The sessions were spot on and tailor made to my needs and pronunciation problems. I highly recommend this course for anyone who's interested in learning to speak a "clean" English. The sessions are easy to understand and the amount of homework and practice fits every lifestyle - even a very busy one. The quick progress also made me very happy. After a few sessions only, people could not tell anymore from which country I am.
I really enjoyed doing this course since my accent improved since the first day. I had the pleasure to work with Nicole and she was really helpful and gave me lot of tips about how to improve my accent. I think this course is great for people with different levels since it has lot of potential.
My classes with Nicole have been awesome. After taking the 7 classes with Nicole, I feel more comfortable and secure when speaking English.

One amazing thing is that the program is that it is completely customizable. Nicole gave me an individualized practicing plan based on my assessment results, and we modified the plan as the classes proceeded. I thank Nicole for all her patience and extraordinary passion for teaching English. I fully recommend this course!
Amazing course to improve your American accent. With this course the teacher will find out your mistakes while you speak. Based on these mistakes you will do speaking homework in order to get better. I really liked because it is practical English and it will help you to speak and understand better.

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